With Evolution dental lab management software, you possess the capabilities to control all aspects of your lab’s business information.  The ability to manage data entry, billing, case production and customer relations accurately and efficiently all in one easy-to-use digital system is priceless.  ABS can provide you with the tools to do precisely that.


This desktop application gives dental lab executives, managers, accountants, order entry operators, customer service, sales and any invoicing/shipping staff all of the information that they need about any case that has came through your lab or any account that has used, or intends to use, your lab as their dental products provider.  EvoDATA is the heart of the Evolution dental lab management system.  Whether you are a “one-man” lab or you run one of the largest dental labs in the world, EvoDATA is ideal for anyone who wants to input all of their case data, bill their accounts, track sales, print reports etc.

What’s more?  Attach digital files to cases, create coupons and estimates, manage sales teams and commissions, email accounts their invoices and statements, and track FDA lots.  EvoDATA can also be used as a time clock making it convenient for office personnel to clock in before working in the system and out after they finish.  Run reports to show employees hours and even export reports directly to excel spreadsheets or other file types.  Evolution also gives you the ability to create your own Time Clock activities for events such as paid meetings.  With all that Evolution has to offer, EvoDATA is the essential application to help you manage your dental lab, your way.


Key Features of EvoDATA App

  • Enter and search cases
  • Bill and process payments
  • Manage case flow
  • Track technician efficiency
  • Manage Sales Teams
  • View hundreds of custom reports
  • Create new users, employees and rates
  • Fully integrated CRM
  • Improve lab’s bottom line

EvoMGR (Mobile App)


EvoMGR is designed for lab/department managers to use on a tablet. It is intended to be the dental lab Production Manager’s right-hand man – a digital production management assistant to help the user see REAL-TIME employee productivity. If you want to have a happy, informed, and organized dental lab manager, this is the tool for them. It will give them the ability to find out priceless information about any case in production anywhere in the lab. All you need is ABS’ Evolution with the ABS Manager App, an iPad or Android tablet, and a wi-fi connection to your lab’s computer network.

This new application serves as a point of reference for your manager(s) to identify what is happening in the lab on their watch. With all of the cases in a dental lab on any given day, managing the work flow of those cases can prove to be confusing and stressful without the proper tools. With Atlanta Based System’s new “ABS Manager” app, not only can managers identify overall performances of technicians, they can also pinpoint any case that is “In Process” and give the manager the ability to find it, put it on hold, reassign it to a different technician, and even add new notes or images!


Key Features of EvoMGR Mobile App

  • Manager Dashboard for production charts/graphs
  • Print updated work tickets
  • View list of all “In Process” cases
  • View cases by tech, step, and late or hold cases
  • Manage cases by deleting or bypassing steps
  • Change technicians on the fly
  • Put cases on “Hold” and take them off of “Hold”
  • View employees’ time clock data
  • Attach notes and files to cases


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