Evolution, our newest solution was designed to save dental labs time and money by providing information on demand. Our software is packed with everything needed to thrive and be successful in today's tough business climate. Intuitive, dynamic and scalable, ABS tailors Evolution to YOUR lab and YOUR processes giving you the freedom to run your business your way.

Evolution features the best priority-driven production management tools that give dental labs the ability to proactively manage case scheduling and tracking as the cases flow through production. By making sure the right people are working on the right cases at the right time, Evolution ensures you meet your customers due dates every time. But we are not just a production management solution; with our state of the art Customer Relationship Manager and a fully functioning accounts receivable system, Evolution becomes YOUR 'partner in business.' By managing all aspects of your thriving lab, Evolution can schedule, manage, and track cases; track financial information and technician productivity; streamline marketing, sales, and customer service; and monitor overall lab health-all in REAL TIME!

Evolution Web Services - Doctor's Portal

Making the Right Connections...

Do your doctors have access to pertinent account and case information at their convenience? Constant access and clear communication between the doctor and lab is now available 24/7.

ABS New Integrated Web-Service provides ability for the doctors to enter a case remotely, verify case status, check on account balance, view detailed invoices, schedule pickups, add case notes, and upload images and attachments.

  • Enhance Doctor/Lab Relationship
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Miscommunication
  • Promote Effective Customer Service
  • Forecast Workload
  • Increase Profitability
  • View and Pay Balances and Invoices

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