CRM: Customer Service

CRM: Customer Service

CRMs are becoming increasingly popular for businesses to improve relationships with their customers. If you’re using Evolution dental lab management software, you could have your own built-in CRM integrated with A/R and productivity.

Along with tracking prospects, account origins and sales stages, integrating CTI and coupon codes, the Evolution CRM provides you with a one-stop shop when you need to lookup or manage any information related to one of your accounts. That “one-stop shop” is the Customer Service Form.

The Evolution CRM Customer Service form provides your user access to a doctor’s maintenance, A/R setup, case, billing and sales history while allowing you to notify other lab members about about the account’s activities. All of this from ONE SCREEN.


The Evolution CRM is also available in a MOBILE VERSION. Find out more about the EvoSALES mobile app from ABS. Most of the functionality in Evolution’s desktop CRM can be found in the mobile app for sales teams or customer service reps on the go!


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