Digital: Making Dentistry Remarkable

Digital: Making Dentistry Remarkable

There’s no doubt that the dental industry has undergone a massive transition into digital over the last several years. I recently read an article about dentists embracing digital methods and equating that to a purple cow. This, in reference to the 2009 book by Seth Godin, means that your dental practice becomes remarkable. What’s more remarkable than a purple cow, right?


Using digital tools to manage the workflow of a dentist’s patients has many advantages. These tools have become so common that it’s possible each step in a patient’s journey could include some sort of digital technique.

Patients can schedule their appointments through a digital web portal. At their appointment, dentists take digital scans of their teeth. That information can be sent, digitally, to a lab for design and milling or to be 3D printed. Communication between the dentists, labs and patients can be managed through email or messaging apps like WhatsApp. Then, information about their case can be stored to the cloud for ease of access by all parties. All of these methods can leave a digital record of each step of the patient’s process so that any individual working on a restoration is informed.

AI (artificial intelligence) applications can be used to show the patient their expected results before any treatment. Seeing these results can inspire the patient to take action and decide to begin treatment. When a patient has the ability to actually see the outcome, they’re not so focused on the treatment.


Digital dentistry solutions can improve the patient’s experience at the dentist tremendously. It gives them ultimate transparency in the process and an accurate glimpse into what the future could hold for their mouth. Making communicating easier and treatment plans clearer not only improves the patient’s attitude toward their dentist, it also enhances the experience for them and their doctor.

Some people may even say digital dentistry makes a practice remarkable, as a purple cow would be.



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