We Are Proud To Be YOUR Partner

Atlanta Based Systems, Inc. has been the innovative leader of production and business management software for dental labs for almost 40 years.  Utilizing the latest business management principles, ABS offers the most comprehensive software package available to meet the needs of all dental laboratories.

Over the years, ABS has helped laboratories of all sizes across the United States, Canada and even Australia manage successful and profitable operations with the help of ABS software solutions and support.  By working directly with some of the top dental laboratories in the U.S., ABS software is designed and developed by dental labs for dental labs.  Responding to the changing needs of our customers, ABS continues to set the standard for state-of-the-art excellence in dental lab management systems and customer support.

Jon Hoialmen – Founder

In 1977, after graduating from college, Jon began doing data processing for various companies including the Red Cross in Atlanta.  He eventually started working exclusively with dental labs and he began to realize dental labs needed a more efficient way to manage cases.  This was a time period when the market for dental software was non-existent.

In his basement, Atlanta Based Systems was formed when Jon began writing, System One, the first software program catered to dental labs.  System One was released in 1980 and it revolutionized the dental laboratory industry.  For the first time dental labs were able to efficiently keep track of cases thereby increasing their productivity.

As technology has advanced so has Atlanta Based Systems.  Jon continued to work hand in hand with dental labs to create our newest software Evolution; thereby, continuing the legacy of being the innovative leader of dental lab management software.

It has been close to 40 years since Jon’s vision of creating dental lab management software.  Jon takes great pride in the company he created and continues to monitor dental labs and the industry he has spent a great portion of his life striving to make even greater.

Scott Hoialmen – President

Scott began working for Atlanta Based Systems as a teenager by making printer cables.  In 1983 he began attending Georgia Tech working on a degree in Industrial Engineering and worked part time for ABS building computers and doing hardware support.  After he graduated from Georgia Tech in 1989 he started working for the company fulltime.  He has visited dozens of dental labs over the years offering his expertise on computer systems while at the same time learning the dental laboratory business.

Scott took over the reign as President of the company in 2013 continuing the innovative legacy of his father.  He continually monitors the progress of the company ensuring Evolution remains up to date with the fast growing technology in this ever changing industry.  His continued vision for the company is to offer the best dental lab management software for labs to fulfill their guarantee of “less chair time” by having a production management system that ensures goals are met daily.