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Oral Microbiome and Overall Health

It’s well known that the food we eat influences the makeup of the bacteria in our mouths. This oral microbiome relies on both good and bad bacteria, and plays a larger role in our overall health. Studies show that oral bacteria can change the gut’s microbiota and how your body absorbs nutrients.


The University of Buffalo conducted a study that looked at the oral health of postmenopausal women and the effect of a sugary, high-glycemic diet on their oral microbiome. This study used data from Women’s Health Initiative and was the first study to examine carbohydrate intake and sub gingival microbiome. This means that they took plaque from under the tongue (instead of saliva). Amy Millen, PhD, says that “…oral bacteria involved in periodontal disease are primarily residing in the subgingival plaque.”

The study showed that there was a positive association between high carbohydrate, glycemic foods and Streptococcus mutans, a contributor to tooth decay and some types of cardiovascular disease. The scientists also observed Leptotrichia spp., which has been linked to gingivitis, to be positively associated with sugar intake.


How can you improve your oral microbiome and overall health? Well, mouthwash after eating may not be the answer. According to MGB Heath, “Oral bacteria are important for gut and metabolic health, so you don’t want to sweep them all away with an antiseptic mounthwash.”

Image Credit: return2health.com.au

Since the oral microbiome is the “portal to gut health,” it requires both good and bad bacteria for optimal performance. You don’t want to destroy that with a mouthwash that would kill the majority of all of the bacteria in your mouth. Instead, lower your intake of carbohydrates and sugar. Prevotella (a species of oral bacteria) comes from leafy greens and is essential for converting nitrates into nitrites. Those nitrites play a major role in brain health, metabolic health, blood flow and immunity.


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CRM: Customer Service

CRMs are becoming increasingly popular for businesses to improve relationships with their customers. If you’re using Evolution dental lab management software, you could have your own built-in CRM integrated with A/R and productivity.

Along with tracking prospects, account origins and sales stages, integrating CTI and coupon codes, the Evolution CRM provides you with a one-stop shop when you need to lookup or manage any information related to one of your accounts. That “one-stop shop” is the Customer Service Form.

The Evolution CRM Customer Service form provides your user access to a doctor’s maintenance, A/R setup, case, billing and sales history while allowing you to notify other lab members about about the account’s activities. All of this from ONE SCREEN.


The Evolution CRM is also available in a MOBILE VERSION. Find out more about the EvoSALES mobile app from ABS. Most of the functionality in Evolution’s desktop CRM can be found in the mobile app for sales teams or customer service reps on the go!


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Dental Molds for a Better Golf Game

If you’re a golfer you probably know that consistency is the key, especially when it comes to your short game. Maintaining the same form when swinging your club will give you the best results on your scorecard. Perhaps the most important club to maintain your consistency with would be the putter.

Icon Sportswire

Just ask professional golfer Maverick McNealy. Last week, during his Torrey Pines tournament, he told a story of how he recently used dental mold material to help with his putting. Many outlets are saying that this may be his “secret weapon,” and a “putter-training hack.”


McNealy’s uncle is his in-town dentist. They began talking during his most recent visit when Mav’s uncle, Rob Randolph, offered up some impression material. McNealy wrapped the material around his putter grip and saved his hand placement on the putter.


Mav said that the “Callaway guys have it” now and they’re going to scan it to replicate it for a grip trainer, Golf Digest reported.

“My uncle runs a dental office here in town,” said McNealy. “Bob Randolph. So actually his dad, George, was a dentist in the Army in Vietnam, and yeah, so he started his own dental practice and my uncle Bob took it over.

“It’s actually funny. I was wanting a way to like grip my putter consistently like a grip trainer, so I was talking to him about that stuff they use for impressions. We wrapped some of that around my putter grip on like Monday, so I saved my putter grip the way my hands go on the putter on a backup putter on Monday with the dental [mold].”

“So the Callaway guys have it,” McNealy added. “We’re going to scan it and like replicate it, just have it as a grip trainer. It’s great because I’m playing great this week, so I want to remember how my hands go. It’s just a funny cross-section of dentistry and golf.”


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‘Dentalogical Art’ Hidden in Basement of Australian Pyramid

Down a long and lonesome highway, East of Adelaide, listen to his friends moaning hung over from yesterday…

I recently learned of an abandoned pyramid in rural Australia. In which, you can find a basement full of sculptures made from real teeth. The property, along with the pyramid, was purchased by Norma Cosson and her late husband, Dr. David Lye, in the late 1980s.

The property was originally built some years earlier as the town’s information centre. After the couple purchased it, they turned it into somewhat of a tourist attraction and named it, “Casper’s World in Miniature.” According to ABC News of Australia, David and Norma added attractions, writing:

“Over the years they added exhibits, a restaurant, and eventually the [jewelry] and sculptures Dr Lye produced.

Nephew of famed New Zealand born artist and filmmaker Len Lye, Ms Cosson says her husband’s family were lovable oddballs and David was no different.”


As Dr. Lye’s dental career was nearing its end, he began to realize how much material he had left over. Being the unique character that he was, he enjoyed building sculptures out of the discarded teeth and dentures from his practice. For years, he cleaned most of the teeth he pulled from people who didn’t want to keep them and kept them in a box. He began to utilize these materials for quirky 3D artwork.

After his young grandson was diagnosed with leukaemia, he would send all of his lost teeth to Dr. Lye to build a ‘tooth fairy castle.’ The doting grandfather was determined to turn the worrying situation into something fun for his grandchildren.


Dr. Lye’s artwork has sparked the interest of some unsuspecting people online for years. One Twitter user, Rebecca Le Get, PhD, posted about a “confusing postcard” that she found.

Confusing postcard found in the op-shop today. “Casper’s World of Miniature” in #Stawell. Apparently it was full of teeth sculptures? pic.twitter.com/lnNn0BwtCJ

Another Twitter user, David Waldron, posted about seeing “the weirdest thing,” referencing the abandoned “theme park.”

Ok I have just seen the weirdest thing. A world in miniature theme park, now abandoned, built by a dentist to display his hobby of sculptures made from human teeth. These are kept in the basement of an enormous pyramid outside Stawell. pic.twitter.com/hnX7Cv7ptC

Perhaps my favorite story about Casper’s World in Miniature was written by a blogger named Brad McNaughton.

In 2018, he described his pit stop at the run-down tourist attraction. He, his brother and his friend decided to check out the park on a road trip back to Adelaide from Melbourne, Australia.

Brad does a very good job documenting his experience and you can read all about it here.


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LMT Lab Day 2022: See You In Chicago!

ABS is excited to be heading back to Chicago this year for LMT Lab Day 2022. We have been in attendance at LMT’s Lab Day since it’s debut, way back in 1985! Unfortunately, the in-person conference was cancelled last year for the first time due to the pandemic. So, this year, I’m sure the energy will be off the charts.

We always love getting to see our customers in-person and meet new leaders of the industry face-to-face. What better place to do so than in Chicago every year at LMT’s Lab Day event? Well, it’s almost that time again, and we can’t wait to see some old faces and meet some new ones.


As always, we will be in the East Exhibit Hall on the Purple Level at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Our booth assignment is #I-26 and we will be in attendance Friday, February 25th, from 9:00am – 5:00pm and Saturday, February 26th, from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Please feel free to stop by and say, “hi,” or check out a demo of any of our software applications.


We’ll be showcasing the latest version of all of the ABS Evolution desktop and mobile applications. If you have any interest in exploring all of the ways we can help your lab increase productivity and efficiency, and you’ll be in Chicago the last weekend in February, drop by and take a look at what we have to offer.

Can’t wait? Get a sneak peak here:


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New EvoMGR 13.0 Update

The EvoMGR 13.0 mobile tablet application gives your lab’s high-level personnel access to real-time production information in your Evolution dental lab management system.

EvoMGR allows users the ability to track down cases wherever they may be throughout the lab. Managers can also see all work assigned to or completed by each of their technicians. They can even reassign cases to different technicians, bypass steps for cases, view and add images and notes to cases, and also see time clock data for each of their employees.

The latest release of EvoMGR, 13.0 provides the capability to reschedule internal remake cases. Managers can also bypass production steps and credit technicians directly from the new EvoMGR 13.0 mobile app.



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Latest on the Supply Chain Crisis

Global supply chain issues have been effecting a lot of people over the last several months, causing price increases and product shortages. This has had many concerned for the future of the economy. Recently, however, an International Chamber of Shipping chair, Esben Poulsson, shared some encouraging news.


In a November 23rd appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia, Poulsson said that retailers made a “significant level” of pre-orders which should help ease some product shortages. He also said that new container ships have been built and will slowly add to capacity over the next few years. Take a look at that interview here:

The Wall Street Journal also reported that the supply chain problems show signs of easing, claiming that costs for transporting ocean freight have come down from record-level highs.


Some of the issues that caused the crisis to begin with still persist. For example, regional COVID outbreaks, strong consumer demands, port congestion and truck driver shortages are all problems that still plague the system. Another issue that Esben Poulsson touched on in his interview is mandatory vaccines for travel have made it difficult for some ship crew members to travel to the ports where they work.

Another blow to the recovery would be if the global response to the new Omicron variant is as stringent as the response to the Delta variant. Per Hong of Kearney, a global management consulting firm, told CNBC, “A lot of unknowns, but Omicron is certainly setting up to be yet another test of resilience for global supply chains that were already under stress and in the midst of a lengthy healing process.”

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Is Sugar-Free Gum Good for Teeth?

As I perused through some news, I ran across a headline from Delta Dental that stated “sugarless gum can be good for teeth.” Oh? I like sugar-free gum. Tell me more!

I began reading through the part of the article with detail about the origins of chewing gum and how gum sweetened with sugar isn’t so good. The first point about how sugarless gum can be good for your teeth focuses on the sweetener, xylitol.


Sugar-free gum uses a variety of artificial sweeteners. One of the more popular sweeteners for sugarless gum today is a natural sweetener called xylitol. Delta Dental states that “xylitol has been proven to be an effective weapon fighting oral diseases.” In the statement, there is a link to another article by Delta Dental all about xylitol products.

Reading through the linked article, I found out how xylitol is extracted from plants, contains one-third of the calories as sugar and “has been proven to effectively prevent cavities when added to chewing gum… and other oral care products.” Great! Sign me up!

But wait, it takes about 20 grams of xylitol (or 20 sticks of gum) per day to work? Um, that seems a bit excessive. Who in the world would chew on 20 sticks of gum per day? Oh, and apparently xylitol can cause diarrhea and gas when consumed in excess. And, by the way, since “long-term side effects haven’t been extensively studied,” Delta Dental recommends that pregnant or breastfeeding women avoid xylitol.

So, basically, xylitol has been proven to prevent cavities in large quantities. However, large quantities of xylitol can cause unwanted health issues and pregnant or breastfeeding women should steer clear of it.


Maybe. But, it’s unclear if the sweetener alternative, xylitol, really contributes to its perks. It’s more likely that the act of chewing any sugarless gum provides the most benefit. In the original article, Delta Dental writes:

“Chewing any sugar-free gum can greatly increase your flow of saliva, which may prevent tooth decay. That’s because the stronger flow of saliva removes sugars and neutralizes acids on your teeth. Increased saliva flow also reduces your risk of cavities because it contains calcium and phosphate that strengthen your teeth. In addition, increased saliva flow can temporarily improve effects of cavity-causing dry mouth, including bad breath.

If you chew sugar-free gum, it’s best to chew for 20 minutes after meals and snacks when the increased flow of saliva is most needed to help clean your mouth. Chewing sugar-free gum may also reduce stress, likely because of changes in brain chemicals as you chew. Stress is a factor in several oral health issues, including teeth grinding and clenching, mouth sores and gum disease.”

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New EvoSALES 13.0 Update


Introducing the newly-redesigned EvoSALES mobile app, version 13.0, from Atlanta Based Systems. EvoSALES mobile app is the premier mobile CRM, ideal for salespeople or customer service representatives on the go. This app is available for all Android and Apple smart phone or tablet devices.

EvoSALES 13.0 can be used for adding notes for doctors or their cases, seeing sales details for an account based on departments and even by individual product, viewing invoice information and even seeing case details for those cases that are currently at your laboratory.



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National Brush Day is November 1st

November 1st is National Brush Day (NBD). This ad campaign was first rolled out in August of 2012 and was designed to give parents ideas on how to get their kids to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. What better day to discuss the importance of brushing your teeth properly with your children than the day after they consume a pound of sugar? The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and the Ad Council really nailed the timing of this nationally-observed holiday.


Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in America. In an effort to try to improve this issue in The United States of America, The Dental Trade Alliance has taken on the responsibility of promoting NBD. This year’s marketing campaign includes National Brush Day awareness. The intent is to spread the word to families about making NBD a family affair. You can find more information about National Brush Day 2021 here.


Making brushing your teeth a family affair after Halloween this year is a great opportunity to teach your children how important oral health is to their overall wellbeing. It could be a starting point for your kids to develop an essential habit that will help ensure a healthy smile. If your children already have a healthy brushing routine, you could use National Brush Day to help reinforce those habits.



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