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New EvoDRIVER 13.0 Update

If you haven’t heard, ABS has developed several mobile applications to work in conjunction with its dental lab management software suite, Evolution. These applications have recently been updated to our latest version, 13.0.

Among these, EvoDRIVER 13.0 is a silky-smooth mobile app that your local delivery drivers can use to manage the stops along their routes. This app gives them the ability to process deliveries and pickups, view and add notes, get directions to the doctor’s address, and even get signature verification.

Give your drivers the ability to know what stops they should be making in REAL-TIME. They can even get text notifications when pickups are added to their routes and see them updated, automatically, within the EvoDRIVER 13.0 application. New functionality within the app allows your drivers to pull up the doctor’s address in maps for step-by-step directions to the location. Another new feature lets the user tap on the phone number for the account to make a quick call to the doctor for any questions or clarification.

Key Features of EvoDRIVER Mobile App

  • View doctors for today’s deliveries/pickups
  • Pull up address in maps
  • Add/view pickup notes
  • Process completed deliveries/pickups
  • Get signature verification
  • Manage multiple routes




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