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Problems and Fixes for Layering Anterior Composites

Via: Dawn Wehking / speareducation.com

When I first implemented layered anterior composites into my practice, I would frequently finish a case and think to myself, “Oh gawd, this looks terrible.” It took me a while before I figured out why my restorations were not turning out like I had planned. As I practiced, I noticed a few common themes with my technique and eventually learned how to correct my mistakes.

In this article, I share the lessons I learned with the hope to save you a lot of time and heartache. I’ve found that layering anterior composites make me happy. And isn’t life just better when your schedule is stacked with the procedures that make you happy?

From choosing the wrong shade to trying to get too fancy, let’s review the most common reasons anterior composites don’t turn out quite right, what happened clinically, and how to fix them. The best part is you don’t have to start over completely.

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