If you truly want your finger on the pulse of your dental lab, you need to know who does what, when. With Evolution, ABS offers you several different options for obtaining and publishing that information. You may choose to use one of those options as THE solitary method to track your technicians’ production or mix-and-match with some techs using a different option than others. Your decision usually depends heavily on the configuration (physical layout) of your lab and where each piece of hardware can be located.


Touch_CheckInOut ABSThis is the ideal technician productivity tracking method created with the original Evolution package. It was designed for Touch Screen workstations throughout the lab for convenient access for your technicians. The EvoTOUCH program will also work on a standard, updated Windows PC. From each workstation, technicians have the ability to clock in and out, view all cases that are ready for them to work on (in priority order), view any details, notes, and images attached to their cases, check cases in when they begin working on them, and check cases out when they are finished with their jobs.

This gives your Evolution database all of the information it needs to determine where each case is at any given time IN REAL TIME! The EvoTOUCH application is a beautiful, robust option that provides your technicians with invaluable case information as well as allows you and your office personnel to track technicians’ productivity AND EFFICIENCY. This powerful tool will afford your lab the ability to make sure that it never misses a due date again… which, I’m sure you will agree, is PRICELESS! And as an added bonus, EvoTOUCH can have as many as 24 technicians logged into the same machine at the same time!

EvoTECH + (PLUS) Desktop Application

EvoTECH + is a stand-alone desktop application geared toward Technicians that allows limited access to production data. They will be able to access: Time Clock, Case Inquiry, Bar Code, Case Images, Case Files, CRM My Activities and Work Ticket Viewer. This application combines a scaled-down version of EvoDATA (Evolution’s “main” application for case lookup, management, etc.) and the EvoBARCODE application. It’s ideal for giving those technicians powerful tools, combined within a single application, for self- and team-management of current casework PLUS the ability to “complete” their steps for cases using the built-in bar coding feature.

EvoTECH (Mobile App)

Do the technicians in your lab have smart phones or tablets? I would be surprised if anyone answered that question with “no.” Perhaps most do, but they are not allowed to access them while they are on the clock. Well, what if I told you that they could use smart devices to access all of the pertinent information about  the cases they were currently working on AND tell your Lab Management Software when they began or finished their work on those cases?

Smart phones and tablets have become a standard in Information Technology and with networking capabilities, they can be used in conjunction with Evolution to help your lab maintain tight controls on production. Not only that, but technicians can also clock in and out of work using these devices (only when they are on the labs premises, of course) and view any images or PDFdocuments that have been attached to their cases.

Another HUGE feature of the EvoTECH mobile app is it’s ability to use the device’s camera as a bar code scanner. So, not only can your techs complete cases, they can complete them quickly, easily, and accurately by scanning a bar code if you choose to have one printed on your work tickets. So… wireless bar coding? Yes, please! And… with our latest Evolution update (version 11.5) techs can now take pictures relevant to a case and upload/attach them in your system to be seen by ALL EVOLUTION USERS!


BarCode-EVO dental lab systemsThe most traditional method of production tracking in a dental laboratory would be using a scan “wand” to scan a bar code that is on a work ticket, which is passed along with the case. By using ABS Evolution‘s EvoBARCODE application running on a Windows PC, your technicians can complete their particular steps for a case by using a bar code-scanning peripheral. But, even without bar code scanning hardware, this app can be used with a keypad or mouse for completing steps on cases. It can also be used as a time clock for technicians to clock in and out of production.

The tech productivity modules available with Evolution have you covered when you want to know what your technicians are accomplishing out on the floor. If you want to have a clear picture of the overall health of your dental laboratory, give us a call TODAY!