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Viral TikTok Drink Has ADA Experts Cringing

Ah, TikTok. If you haven’t seen a “life hack” video on the platform, you most likely know someone who has. They’re usually not afraid to tell you, “I saw it on TikTok.”

The latest viral trend was posted a few weeks ago by a user named Amanda Jones. In the video, she claims her pilates instructor introduced her to a recipe for “healthy” coke. She goes on to demonstrate how to make the drink. First she pours a bit of balsamic vinegar over ice and then fills the glass the rest of the way with a LaCroix sparkling water.

@mandyvjones @LaCroix Sparkling Water ♬ original sound – Amanda Jones

In the video, Amanda swears that the drink tastes “just like” a coke. However, according to many others who’ve tried the concoction, it doesn’t. That didn’t stop the video from racking up 6.5 million views and hordes of people trying the drink for themselves.


The concept of combining sparkling water with vinegar to make a healthier sweet drink has been around for some time. Shrubs are fruit and vinegar-infused syrups that can be used in other drinks like cocktails, for example. Using a sweeter vinegar like balsamic eliminates the need to add sugars.


JADA Foundational Science recently published a study that found acidic, carbonated beverages have greater potential to cause dentinal erosion. Dr. Edmond Hewlett, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association said, “I love balsamic vinegar, but I enjoy it more on my salad than in my drinking glass. It’s much kinder to the teeth than bathing them in a beverage blend of two acids.”

The problem is that balsamic vinegar and sparkling water are both very acidic drinks. So frequently drinking beverages like this appears to damage tooth enamel. I’ll probably just be sticking with water.


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