What people are saying about ABS

“[Thanks to Evolution] we have a better understanding of the technicians’ productivity and better visibility on remake reasons.. that allows us to close the gap in learning of a process that needs attention.”

“We receive the greatest support and the ABS team really takes the time to understand how Gold Dust is different.” – Jenn Janicki Gold Dust Dental Lab (Tempe, AZ)

Has Evolution saved you time? “Tons. I can’t quantify all of it, but I love having the ability to know where every case is at every moment. We save time utilizing production values from the system, we could not obtain prior.” – Jarret Schwartz Technics Dental Lab (Margate, FL)

“The new CRM interface allows us to have basically one screen up throughout the day and to transact any and all business from there.”

“When we transitioned to ABS, not only did it cut the amount of time each tech had to spend on the phone, it actually increased the number of calls that could be handled by office support staff. ABS literally allowed us to become more productive and therefore more profitable… We actually made money off the purchase!”

“ABS is the most responsive software firm I have ever worked with. They listen, the support staff is quick to respond and the updates are almost always really great improvements.” – Lee Coursey Russellville Dental Lab (Russellville, KY)

“I especially like the Customer Relations aspect of the system. It allows me to track and improve on our communications with our clients and more skillfully handle any future business. My whole staff can use this system including the technicians as they check their cases in and out. This keeps them accountable within the lab for the amount of time they spend with each case and individual unit.” – Luke Kahng LSK121 Oral Prosthetics (Naperville, IL)

“Information at your fingertips… everything is documented in the system from invoices, statements, case notes or pictures, credit cards, tracking information and scanning steps. It’s our one stop shop!”

“[Evolution‘s] integration with the credit card processing and auto debiting accounts is a HUGE time saver and the integration with UPS has made our phone calls go from multiple minutes to only seconds relaying all the information about the case and where it is in transit” – Christian Saurman New England Orthodontic Lab (Wilmington, MA)

“The decision for me to advocate for sticking with ABS vs other options was strongly rooted in the awesome support that you have provided to O’Brien. The countless hours, and the commitment of ABS to never give up in the face of any request we made is truly appreciated.” – Mike Chytka O’Brien Dental Lab (Corvallis, OR)

Customer Service is “GREAT! Everyone at ABS is very helpful all of the time.”

“For production it is very useful and helpful in order to keep track of cases in the lab and where they are at. For piece work employees and the check in and out process as well is very good.” – Angie Hendrickson DaVinci Dental Studios (West Hills, CA)