Dental Molds for a Better Golf Game

Dental Molds for a Better Golf Game

If you’re a golfer you probably know that consistency is the key, especially when it comes to your short game. Maintaining the same form when swinging your club will give you the best results on your scorecard. Perhaps the most important club to maintain your consistency with would be the putter.

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Just ask professional golfer Maverick McNealy. Last week, during his Torrey Pines tournament, he told a story of how he recently used dental mold material to help with his putting. Many outlets are saying that this may be his “secret weapon,” and a “putter-training hack.”


McNealy’s uncle is his in-town dentist. They began talking during his most recent visit when Mav’s uncle, Rob Randolph, offered up some impression material. McNealy wrapped the material around his putter grip and saved his hand placement on the putter.


Mav said that the “Callaway guys have it” now and they’re going to scan it to replicate it for a grip trainer, Golf Digest reported.

“My uncle runs a dental office here in town,” said McNealy. “Bob Randolph. So actually his dad, George, was a dentist in the Army in Vietnam, and yeah, so he started his own dental practice and my uncle Bob took it over.

“It’s actually funny. I was wanting a way to like grip my putter consistently like a grip trainer, so I was talking to him about that stuff they use for impressions. We wrapped some of that around my putter grip on like Monday, so I saved my putter grip the way my hands go on the putter on a backup putter on Monday with the dental [mold].”

“So the Callaway guys have it,” McNealy added. “We’re going to scan it and like replicate it, just have it as a grip trainer. It’s great because I’m playing great this week, so I want to remember how my hands go. It’s just a funny cross-section of dentistry and golf.”


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