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New EvoMGR Mobile App

A dental lab manager’s job can be very frustrating at times. Especially when he or she does not have a point of reference for what is happening on their watch. Well, if you are using ABS’ Evolution dental lab management software, that point of reference is here. Atlanta Based Systems is excited to announce the “EvoMGR” mobile tablet application.

This mobile app is designed for tablets (only). It is intended to be the dental lab Production Manager’s right-hand man – a digital production management assistant to help the user see REAL-TIME employee productivity. If you want a happy, informed, and organized dental lab manager, this is the tool for them. It will give them the ability to find out priceless information about any case in production anywhere in the lab. All you need is ABS’ Evolution with the EvoMGR App, an iPad or Android tablet, and a wi-fi connection to your lab’s computer network.


  • Manager Dashboard for production charts/graphs
  • Manager Schedule for production control
  • View list of all “In Process” cases
  • View cases by tech, step, and late or hold cases
  • Manage cases by deleting or bypassing steps
  • Change technicians on the fly
  • Put cases on “Hold” and take them off of “Hold”
  • View employees’ time clock data